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JustKHOO Agency had the pleasure of casting the models for the Moroccan Oil Australia tour 2019 where we travelled to Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. We had been given the brief from the client where they wanted commercial faces that were open to enhancing their colour they already had or getting a colour that was a natural tone to compliment their look.

When we cast for a show at JustKHOO Agency we are all about providing a cast that is open to what the client needs as well as ensuring that the cast per a state compliment each other. We are all about quality over quantity. We are about providing models that Clients can feel at ease with and have conversations with to make the day enjoyable without any problems.

Ever wondered what we look for when we cast for hair models? We are not only looking for individuals with great faces but great hair most importantly. We are not allowed to cast models with extensions, due to the complications when styling the individuals hair. We also need to ensure that hair is not damaged or too thing where the individuals hair might break. 

Working with a lot of hair models over the past few years, we are about ensuring we take care of the individual instead of just casting for the job. We do not want to see individuals looks get compromised without us as an Agent seeing it beneficial for them in the future! At JustKHOO we care about each and every one of our models that are open to change with their hair.


Do you have a look and learn education day coming up and need hair models? 
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