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In need of hair models for an upcoming campaign, runway or editorial awards shoot?

JustKHOO has got YOU!

JustKHOO Agency differentiates themselves from other agencies with the unique spin of having a hair modelling division within the agency! Justin has cast over 60+ models for well-known hair brands, on small to larger scale client shows over the last 5 years. With that said, Justin and his team understand that for YOU as a hair dresser, or hair client, this process can be time consuming and make you want to pull your own hair out! This is where we come in…we find models that ONE; will let you do what you want to their hair, TWO; that have that look that you are after, and THREE; will work any runway and/or photo shoot! 

JustKHOO Agency focuses on providing our hair clients with new faces as well as well-known models. We find that this is a sector that has been untapped in the industry and one that gives a lot of individuals who have never thought about modelling, or being on a runway ever to be a possibility. This sector is a rewarding opportunity for our models and it excites us to be apart of your world! 

At JustKHOO Agency no brief is too hard for us to accomplish, the only thing we need is- TIME. If you have an upcoming awards shoot, runway show or campaign that you need hair models for, CONTACT US TODAY! We would love to discuss further your goals and creative ideas. We are here to take the stress and work load off you and let you sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of working with a professional team that will bring your vision to life! 

Got a show coming up and need models, dancers and choreography?

JustKHOO has got YOU!




At JustKHOO Agency we have a 3-step guide to help us help you, as the client, to produce a show from start to finish. Here is just a bit of insight into what we do and what we can provide for you…

#1 CAST MODELS: JustKHOO Agency aims to scout new faces as well as source options within the agency to provide you with a portfolio of submissions of models for what you are looking for. At JustKHOO Agency we do not just pick anyone and everyone as we are selective with these submissions, as we believe quality over quantity is a crucial component for the ingredients of success. When we produce a show we do this exclusively with the client to ensure that it’s not only easier for us, but for you as the client to deal with just one agency. We aim to have your show cast as soon as possible, to ensure more time to work on bringing your vision to life! This leads us to the next step…

#2 CONCEPT CREATION: This is where all the fun begins, once we have the finalised cast! 

Here, Justin and his team start getting creative behind the scenes and working with you to discover and uncover what you need, what you want and what your brand is all about!  We are not only about providing you a show like no other, but an experience for your potential growing  clients, that will be memorable and one that represents your brand fully. We work out whether we are doing an all-model show or we are mixing it up with dancers, and if so, you’re in luck! JustKHOO has professional dancers nationally, and all round choreography services for your show from runway to performance! Once this is all finalised and you are happy with the creative concepts, you can leave the rest to us. We work with the models and set up what we need to in order for your show day to be a success and run as smooth as possible!

#3 FINALISED PRODUCT: This is the best part for us, as you as our client get to watch, smile and see all your vision that you had for the event come to life! Our goal is to take the work load off you and let us make the whole process easy, as to us, it is great fun and we love every moment of it! We know that when you work with JustKHOO Agency you’ll have an experience like no other and that is a guarantee! 

Does this excite you and want to get in touch?

Give us a call on +61 3 7019 9334 or alternatively email Justin at justin@justkhoo.com !